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Total CEU hours Required48 hours every year
Total Hours 48
Duration (months)12
Distance Credits Allowedmust be board-approved for formal continuing education
Accepts PACENo
Accepts CCENo
Program CriteriaPhysician level instruction, approved by Board. Contact Board for Application for Course Approval.
Other NotesAdditional Board approved formal (including on-line) CE’s, OR general/self-study hours related to the practice of chiropractic, you can choose at least ONE (1) of the
 CE programs, seminars, and/or workshops approved by the board
 Attending professional meetings; which can be international, national, regional,
state, or local.
 Reading scholarly chiropractic material books, journals, periodicals, and articles
printed, via the Internet, or electronically.
 Writing articles for scholarly publications; such as books, national or international
journals, and periodicals.
 Teaching a board approved postgraduate chiropractic course. See “TEACHING
DETAILS” below for specifics.
 If you are certified by the board in Meridian Therapy/Acupressure/Acupuncture
(MTAA) and/or Insurance Consulting and teach board approved CE’s, you can
count up to 12 hours biennially towards your own CE’s.
Sexual Boundaries TrainingNo
AIDS TrainingNo
Out-of-state reqNo
Out-of-state required Hours0
Accepts Uniform Continuing Education formN/A
Auto ApprovedNo
Link to state regulation pagehttps://www.mscainfo.com/assets/docs/MSBCE/CONTINUING%20EDUCATION%20REQUIREMENTS%20-%20UPDATED.pdf