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Total CEU hours Required36 hours biennially
Total Hours 36
Duration (months)24
Distance Credits Allowed6 hours / year
Accepts PACEYes
Accepts CCENo
Program CriteriaBoard does not pre-approve programs. Must be scientific, related to practice of chiropractic.
Other Notes” 8 mandatory hours must include 4 hours related to technical skills in one or a combination of the following categories: (1) X-ray physics, quality control, x-ray production and interpretation of diagnostic imaging; and/or (2) chiropractic adjustive techniques; AND 4 hours related to practice issues in one or a combination of the following categories: (1) continuing education pertaining to HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases and related conditions as they relate to chiropractic; (2) gender sensitivity and sexual harassment issues (commonly referred to as boundary training); (3) chiropractic scope of practice in the State of Nebraska (must include adopted practice guidelines and practice law specific to Nebraska only); (4) ordering laboratory tests and interpreting information from laboratory tests; (5) performing physical, neurological, and orthopedic examination procedures as they relate to chiropractic practice; (6) prevention of fraud, system set-ups, coding, quality control, and standards of practice; (7) rehabilitative care as it relates to chiropractic practice; (8) practice ethics as recognized by state or national associations; (9) use of unlicensed personnel. Contact the board for listing of acceptable CE requirements.”
Sexual Boundaries TrainingSee specific CE
AIDS TrainingSee specific CE
Out-of-state reqNo
Out-of-state required Hours0
Accepts Uniform Continuing Education formN/A
Auto ApprovedYes
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